Friday, February 22, 2013

Groupers Galore!

So much gargantuan grouper action on Capt. Larry's boat lately!  To the right is Susie Weaver from Atlanta, GA- with an assist by first mate & Capt. Anthony Leverett.  This beast was caught (& released) by using sardines as bait, in about 60 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.  Susie & her party also caught many more gag & red grouper, which are also worthy of bragging rights, with shark & a few snapper thrown in to the menagerie.

Holding another gorgeous grouper, is 12 year old Katharine Kerrin (below) from Minneapolis, MN with her large red grouper she caught using a sardine in about 50 ft. offshore of Anna Maria Island.  Katharine caught the most & biggest grouper on the trip with her family.  

Proving that ladies catch just as much fish as guys, is Katharine's sister, Kelly Kerin is below holding a huge gag grouper she caught on the same trip.  All in all, the family caught & released about 20 nice gag groupers, kept some of the red grouper & snapper for the table.  There's certainly no shortage of good fishing out there for you!  

Instead of looking at pictures of other people having fun & fishing, be part of the action & get out on the water!  Remember, just because you might need to release your gag grouper, doesn't mean catching them isn't a blast in and of itself.  Book a charter with Capt. Larry & find out what a great time you can have with your family & friends... LIVE THE DREAM!

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475


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  4. Hi Larry, it's such a pleasure reading your blog. One gets inspired and encouraged to get on a boat and go fishing with friends.

    Very recently I was a part of six hours deep sea fishing charters. And as a group we performed pretty well. Had some fairly good catches with the Spanish mackerel and handful of bonitos.

    Getting some good catches is all about luck, they say. I too think that way. But is it the same for professionals for you? How do you actually do your preparations?

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