Thursday, February 14, 2013

AmberJack of Hearts for Valentines Day

Did you have a great Valentines Day?  If not, perhaps a fishing trip is exactly what you need to feel better about your February... Make your own holiday- Fishing With Friends!  Below is Kim Brown from Standish, ME with the first amberjack she has ever caught.  Kim was using a live pinfish in about 150ft offshore of Anna Maria Island while fishing with Capt. Larry.  Her party also caught more amberjacks, & a variety of grouper and some snapper.

On another fantastic fishing trip, 8 year old Makenna Tennimon (below)caught a fish that up until now hasn't made a debut on the Show Me the Fish blog-- a bonnet head shark!  Makenna & her family are from Parrish & caught more than just the bonnet head shark she held like a barbie doll for the photo shoot.  After carefully releasing the shark, the family also scored many gag grouper that were also released to grow up & be caught another day!  Fortunately, despite the grouper being so large & plentiful that they can often scare away the snapper & other reef fish from feeding on the bait, the family managed to catch quite a few snappers. 

Showcasing another fish that was successfully caught & released is Jim Mallo below, holding a lovely gag grouper.  Jim was fishing with the Lakewood Ranch Fishing Club in about 125 ft offshore Anna Maria Island & to the delight of the party, they also caught & released more gag groupers, a Goliath grouper, as well as catching some red grouper & mangrove snapper for their fish fry.  

If you haven't made plans for Valentines Day dinner, a fish fry is always a win, especially with snapper!  More importantly, if you haven't got out on the water to enjoy some of the best fishing the Gulf Coast has to offer, you are missing out... Give Capt. Larry a call to schedule something up, whether for a belated Valentines couples trip (hey, fishing is more romantic than you'd think!) or make it a Guys' Day, with awesome times you'll be recalling for years!

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475


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