Sunday, March 7, 2010

Heat Yourself Up, With Some Sheephead Action

The best action these days has been with a multitude of amberjacks and a variety of snappers – all that you can handle! Also mixed in when we fish offshore, are banded rudderfish, porgies, mangrove snapper, triggerfish, big sheephead, different kinds of sharks. They aren't in season, we've been getting a lot of catch and release gag and red grouper, even though we weren't trying to catch them. We were actually even fishing in areas where there usually aren't that many, which means when season does come around again, we will be catching an immense amount! It's almost like these grouper know they have immunity deal, where we can't get them, but come April 1st, it's game on again!

In my opinion, the hottest action is still out past 100 ft offshore, using live baits, because they seem to bring in the greatest catches. The tip of the week is that there are a bunch of huge sheep head out there, close or even IN artificial reefs, offshore of Anna Maria Island. These bad boys will be out there for another 2 weeks spawning, and that makes them quite hungry! This winter has been a tough one, with only one or two a week days calm enough to even head offshore. What that means, is that you should be ready for that window of opportunity, because you will be rewarded with a great catch. Offshore fish are still biting ,even in this cold weather. Like I always say: now is the time to head out deep, because the action is guaranteed to heat you up!

Capt Larry McGuire
Cell: 941-720-6475
Operating out of the Cortez Fshing Center, Bradenton, Fl.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Serious Anglers, with a Serious Catch!

The offshore action has been hotter than ever lately, giving us as much amberjack, mangrove snapper, yellowtail snapper, porgies and sharks as we can handle! But as Martha Stewart says: "It's a good thing!" Recently on a trip, we had a 9 ft hammerhead shark (as visible in the slide show at the top of the blog), that followed up our amberjacks to the boat. That was definitely a pleasant surprise! With my fishing trips, you never know for sure what will happen, but it'll definitely be good times, that is guaranteed!

On February 1st, grouper went out of season , but it will reopen on April 1st. All is certainly not lost; we can still catch other fantastic fish, all day long! Lately it has been up to the limit catches of snappers and awesome amberjacks, plus many other tasty species that our available. There is also a good chance for blackfin tuna in deeper water this month. The best action is starting at 125 ft, where we fish wrecks and large ledges, using large live baits and butterfly jigs as bait. While you are closer in (and especially on the artificial reefs), look for monster-sized sheephead on the 1 and 3 mile reefs. Also there, you'll find mangrove snappers, porgies and all the key west grunts you want.
The picture above (from left to right) is of Larry Garvin, Geoff Worthing, Dennis Wickie,Don Kirkwood, Bill Rolston, and George McMillan from Ironwood, Bradenton. They have an impressive catch of greater amberjack. These serious anglers weren't playing around and also caught gag grouper, snappers, porgies, and lesser amberjacks. That same trip they caught and released more amberjacks, leaving some for you to catch on your next trip! We were fishing offshore of Anna Maria Island, in about 155 ft, using both live and artificial baits. The next post could have YOU in it, proudly holding fish. Give me a call, and we can make a memorable fishing trip happen!

Capt. Larry McGuire
operating out of the Cortez Fishing Center
Cell: (941) 713 - 4606