Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's on your Christmas list?

Christmas for Capt. Larry came early, as he got everything on his list; grouper & snapper, of varying colors and type, sharks with the gnashing of teeth, & best of all-- AMBERJACK ACTION!

Above is the epitome of an AMBERJACK-ATTACK! Phil Cemer and Dave Mginnis (from left to right) both from Bradenton, with a greater amberjack they caught using a live pinfish, in about 125 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. Besides catching their limit of amberjacks, that party also hauled in a sizeable catch of gag and red grouper, plus some mangrove snappers. Now that's what Capt. Larry calls an offshore slam!

Amberjack action isn't just a man's sport... From left to right is Shelby and Mary Isaacson, holding a hefty Greater Amberjack caught using live pinfish in about 125 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. Both ladies were first time catchers of these Tampa Bay beasts, amberjack.As much fun as an Amberjack-Attack is, a Goliath Grouper is the perfect gift on a trip, as they have a fierce fight! Larry McGrudder (left) and Anthony Leveret hold a Goliath Grouper. After Larry caught the protected species of a fish, it was carefully vented and released-- alive. Larry was using a live pinfish and 60 lb test offshore of Anna Maria Island in about 95 ft, when the Goliath Grouper came to him, almost as if dropped down the chimney!
As the holidays draw near, if you aren't nearly as excited as you should be, get you and a friend(s) the gift of a genuine adventure, a Show Me The Fish Charter. An Amberjack-Attack sure beats another tie, or tools that wont give a fight like the Goliath Grouper above!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly, on 50 lb test line & get out there to catch some fish to stuff the stockings full!

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