Friday, September 24, 2010

Shark Attack & Mangrove Madness!

Captain Larry finished up the summer with some impressive catches & amazing trips. For example, Robert Quidry of Tampa- with Anthony Leveret assisting, caught the largest red grouper of his lifetime recently! Robert was using a live pinfish, in 130 ft waters offshore of Anna Maria Island. Robert Quidry's gargantuan red grouper wasn't the only fishtacular catch that trip; the party also caught a bountiful mix of grouper, snapper, and sharks.
Jenny Fulford, of Bradenton, had a close call with a reef shark she caught in 30 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island, using a live grunt for her bait. Jenny was fishing with Nelon Kirkland, and had a bit of a surprise during picture time.... As you can see from the slideshow, she was holding her recently caught, 4 1/5 ft reef shark, and it decided to take a stand & BITE BACK! No ladies were harmed during the incident, and we can only assume aforementioned shark was perhaps camera shy.

Pastor Greg Dumas, lead pastor of The Crossing Church in Brandon, had a VERY blessed trip while out with Capt. Larry! As you can see from the picture, instead of manna from the heavens, his blessing was a large cobia from the sea! The picture to your right is of Steve Ingram and Pastor Greg Dumas, both from Brandon, with their impressive cobia's. Both were caught using live pinfish in about 130 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. During this trip we were discussing a previous trip last summer, where a cobia swam right up to the boat & Pastor Greg threw out a live pinfish to him and subsequently caught the cobia! Right after that it happened again, only this time with 3 cobia's swimmimg up to the boat! We were able to catch 2 out of 3, which is not too shabby at all! The party also caught an array of grouper, amberjacks, sharks, and finished off the day with mangrove madness with a monster mangrove snapper bite. It was definitely one of the more amazing trips, but anytime one fishes with Capt. Larry, it's an adventure of a lifetime! Give the Captain a ring if you'd like to have an adventure that will result in a heart-pounding fights with a wide variety of fish, & exceptional memories (not to mention fish stories!) to share & relive!

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