Sunday, August 11, 2013

Shark week may be over...

But that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate!  Capt. Larry has been celebrating by catching an amazing tiger shark while on a trip with Anthony Leverett from Anna Maria Island.  Here Anthony is below, with the baby tiger shark, which was carefully released so as to participate in shark week next year. Capt. Larry & Anthony had been catching grouper when the 4 ft baby tiger joined the party, hitting on a sardine. They were fishing in about 50 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.  This is the 2nd tiger shark ever caught on Capt. Larry's boat in all the years he has been fishing, due to that kind of shark not being as common to the island.

Capt. Larry doesn't discriminate; just because it's shark week doesn't mean there aren't other stunning, hard fighting fish that need to be caught.  Brent Stubblefield is pictured below, with his first kingfish he caught on a flatlined sardine, in about 70 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island this week.  Brent & family are vacationing from Indianapolis, and also had the pleasure of catching a myriad of grouper, snapper and even hooked up another king while fishing with Capt. Larry. 

If your summer hasn't had the excitement you deserve, give Capt. Larry a call, & he'll ensure you have the fish biting on your line & a smile on your face from all of the sweet fishing action that's out there to be had.  

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475


  1. Many congratulations to Capt. Larry and Anthony! It truly deserves pat on your backs for catching one of the most dangerous sea monsters – sharks. Kudos to you guys! I can well understand what a thrilling experience it must have been while fishing for tiger sharks from Anna Maria Island. While I was out fishing on one of the deep sea fishing charters last year in the Gulf of Mexico, it was an experience of a lifetime because we had caught tiger sharks. These sharks are voracious feeder which attack and eat anything and everything, anywhere. So you must always be aware that these sharks can be incredibly strong and give shark fishermen a real test when it's hooked to their bait.

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