Monday, February 4, 2013

Fantastic February Fishing

Awesome things are happening on Capt. Larry's fishing trips!  While on a 4 hr trip, Sydney Moerman caught a blackfin tuna, in about 50 ft waters offshore of Anna Maria Island.  Using a sardine, she got the big tuna's attention, and with lightning fast speed, he skyrocketed underneath the bait & jumped out of the water, startling everyone!  At first everyone thought it was a smoker kingfish putting on a show, but after a long fight & a little help, she boated the beautiful blackfin tuna.  Here 7 year old Syndey is below holding her great catch, with an assist from Bradley Moerman.  The family also caught a smattering of Spanish Mackerel & some kingfish during their trip.

The red grouper action has also been intense; below is Kari Hills, from Jackson, Tennessee, holding her first red grouper ever caught!  She caught it using a live pinfish, in about 60 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island while fishing with Capt. Larry.  After Kari caught it, she released it; just a reminder, red grouper season is closed Feb. 1st - Mar. 31st.  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is a good place to look if you're ever in need of knowing whether or not your type/size of grouper is currently within regulation.

Below is another gorgeous grouper that was carefully vented & released alive- living happily ever after.  From left to right is Larry McGrudder & Capt. Anthony Leverett holding the ginormous Goliath grouper that Larry caught using a 60 lb test and a live pinfish offshore of Anna Maria Isalnd, in about 95 ft waters.

With all of these fierce fish being released, there's plenty out there to catch, so don't hesitate to get out there and fight some fish yourself.  It will get your heart pounding and your blood racing & be an experience you remember the rest of your life... book a charter with Capt. Larry today, he can make it happen!

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475


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