Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mahi- Mahi are in town

Some people aren't huge fans of catching or eating mahi-mahi, because they see it as a type of dolphin, when in reality it's a dolphinfish (also widely known as "dorado"), and not even related to a Flipper-style dolphin.  Red Bailey, of the Lakewood Ranch Fishing Club, is shown to the left holding some of the school of mahi-mahi he caught using chunks of sardines, in about 150 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.  

 Steve Miller, also with the Lakewood Ranch Fishing Club, holds his trophy red grouper below.  The Lakewood Ranch Fishing club has had adventures with Capt. Larry before, which you can read about here & here.  The club also caught large red grouper & some mangrove snapper.

Below is Jackie Nords, posing with a bull shark she caught offshore of Anna Maria Island, in about 100ft waters. Jackie is from Cincinnati, Ohio & is a student from Notre Dame.  She was here on summer vacation with friends catching amberjacks, grouper, snapper and more sharks while fishing with Capt Larry.  

This post just goes to show, there's quite a variety of fish out there to be caught, so whether you are down with the Mahi-Mahi being in town, maybe want to make a shark week of your own, or just want some tasty fish to throw on the grill, Capt. Larry can lead you to the promised land of better living through good fishing!  

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