Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuna Time!

What time is it kids?  IT'S TUNA TIME!  Fun fact: blackfin tuna are actually the smallest of the tuna species, but that doesn't make them any less delicious or exciting to catch.  To the left is Max Lawson & Hayden Wilson holding a big blackfin tuna, caught while using a pinfish on a flat line in about 145ft offshore Anna Maria Island.  The guys were down here for summer vacation from Tulsa, Oklahoma, celebrating their graduation from high school. The party also caught red snapper, red grouper, catch and release monster gag grouper, amberjacks, barracuda  blacktip and spinner sharks while fishing with Capt Larry.

Just because it's Tuna Time, doesn't mean there aren't other species to be pursued.  Below we see Sara Dale, a local from Anna Maria Island, with an angry red snapper she caught while using a sardine in about 150 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. Sara and family caught their limit of tasty snappers, plus red grouper, scamps and sharks.

Another local, Richard Winston- of Bradenton, is shown below with the largest red grouper he's ever caught.  Richard was using a sardine, a favorite treat for many fish, in about 130 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island, when he hooked this monster.  The party had a great day, catching more grouper than what's pictured, amberjacks,  a few different kinds of snappers, & even some sharks (blacktip & spinners up to 6 ft)!  

So, if you're sick of tuna from a can, now is the time to go out there & get you some of the delight that is fresh fish.  However, if food isn't your first priority when it comes to fishing, there's some great action out there this time of year.  Offshore fishing is a rewarding hobby no matter how you look at it.  Book a trip with Capt. Larry today & liven up your recreational activities that's full of excitement & fresh air!

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