Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre & Post Storm Fishing

On Show me The Fish Charters, we had massive catches both before the weather turned inclement, with hurricane Irene in the works, and as well as after. They caught an outrageous amount of , amberjack, mangrove and yellowtail snappers, porgies, sharks, & catch and release red snapper, a variety of groupers; gag, red groupers- up to 28 lbs, and Goliath grouper. To the right, is a decent sized cobia, caught using a live pinfish in about 100 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. On this trip a large school of cobia swam up the boat, and Capt. Larry cast a bait into the school, and immediately the fight was on!

Fishing in 130 to 140 ft on my full day trips, are what gets the largest red grouper results, using live and cut baits. The grouper seem to always know when the bad weather is on its' way, usually better than the weather forecaster. Before the storm, they feed like crazy and batten down the hatches in the rocks to ride the storm out. The hurricanes also move more fish around and bunch them up into the ledges and rock piles. Check out the alien puffer fish posted below & to the left, caught shortly after the storms! Evie Devries is holding this odd sea creature- straight out of Lovecraft novel, & boldly having fun with the puffer fish she caught while on a family trip. They also caught grouper and snapper while on the charter, and overall had a great time.

The first boats that fish the post-storm reefs will run into a gold mine of grouper and snapper, which has been a good portion of the action Capt. Larry's charters hit. Coming weekends may be to rough to fish offshore, but as the gulf calms early in the week, it will be time to come out to the depths of the gulf and get yourself some intense deep sea fishing!

Capt. Larry McGuire
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