Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Living the Dream!

Ever had something you've imagined doing, that you know would be one of the most amazing experiences of your life? For one family, such a moment became reality on Capt. Larry's boat! The family had seen pictures here on Capt. Larry's website of his parties swimming with these serious, epically sized fish, and dreamed of having their own Goliath grouper adventure... fortunately for them, they moved forward with plans to go on a Show Me The Fish Charter and ended up living their dream! Check out the Goliath grouper below, approximately 350 lbs, caught by C.L. Fisher and sons Breccan, Keenan, Bradey offshore of Anna Maria Island in about 130 ft waters.

The family was excited enough while catching amberjacks & snappers, but then the afternoon's awesomeness cranked up a few more notches when this behemoth started eating their catches. Subsequently, Capt. Larry brought out the heavy equipment, and decided on using a 9/0 senator reel, 200 lb test, baseball bat rod & a large mullet for bait... and SO THE BATTLE WAS ON! It took three of them, including Capt. Larry, taking turns on the rod while fighting the monster to bring it in, but any true sports fisherman will agree that the harder the skirmish to get a fish off the bottom (and often in some rocks, as those are plentiful with a myriad of delicious fish), out of the water & into the boat... the more difficult that process is, the more rewarding the catch & subsequent dinner item! Take a closer look at the close up below-
Congrats to the Fisher family on their Goliath grouper, which was just the crowning gem among their treasure of a total catch that day. Want to take your family on an adventure to swim with the beasts of the Gulf of Mexico? Or, are you looking to go out with friends- or solo for the heartiest of fishermen... and have the fight of your life with a fish that looks straight off a Sci-Fi movie? For many, it's living the dream- though their definition of the dream might be different!

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475
Email: Captlarrymcguire@gmail.com

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  1. I am an angler by myself, but i love this animals. i respect them, i catch them, treat em carefully, take a photo and put em back, especially big beauties like this. what exactly do you get from dead fish, when they are hangig above your chimney? Or is it worth to kill a 50 year old shark which doenst even taste really good, for a dinner? sharks population went back over 90 %, i repeat 90 % because of dicksuckers like you! overfishing and killing for fun. real fishermen love the animals and treat them like friends, not like enemies you have to battle...I would love to punch people like you straight in the face, fish cannot protect themselfes, so at least a few humans have to do that. I hope your boats gonna sink and you get eaten by the relatives of the fish you killed just to feel like not having a 2 inch dick. Best greetings form germany