Saturday, October 2, 2010

Autumn is Coming, but the Grouper Action is Still Hot!

Due to the windy weather, Capt. Larry hasn't been on as many trips as usual, but those that he has had were fast and furious, mostly because gag grouper have started their fall feeding pattern. These bad boys are back in town in the 50 to 60 ft depths, and have voracious appetites; but that is definitely a good thing for the local fishing folks! Capt. Larry has also been catching red grouper, mangrove snapper, trigger fish, amberjack, sharks, barracuda and hooking up some large Goliath grouper. Below is Nick Victor-Smith with his ~350 lb Goliath grouper that he jumped in the water and swam with for a photo shoot before the release. Nick was using a whole mullet for bait in about 60 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.
The party also got busted off on more of these monstrous Goliath groupers, as well as catching some nice gag grouper for dinner! Below is the entire party (left to right) Annah Dault, Nick Victor-Smith, Jenah Victor-Smith, and Chad Coey all from Anna Maria Island. Part of their bountiful catch of gag grouper were acquired using using sardines and pinfish offshore in about 65 ft waters. The party was able to freeze some of the grouper for the upcoming Sept 13th wedding reception for Annah & Chad! Congrats & best wishes to the happy couple!The gag grouper bite will continually to improve, and eventually reach a peak at Christmastime. There are also a large number of Spanish mackerel off the beach, and up to a few miles out. Enjoy the plethora of grouper while it's hot & the weather cools!

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