Saturday, June 18, 2011

So THAT'S what he's talking about...

Just like the temperatures, offshore action is on fire! Capt. Larry's parties are burning up their reels with the immense amount of fish that have been biting.... They've been catching almost everything this time of the year, from gag and red grouper, to kingfish, Spanish mackerel, cobias, and that wonderful variety of snappers- amberjack, mangrove, yellowtail and lane snappers. Best of all, the parties have been getting what the tourists love to catch most of all- SHARKS! If you missed the post about the most recent bull shark caught on Capt. Larry's boat, check it out here! The blacktip shark below, though of a different kind & smaller is still a fish you would not want to be caught swimming with! From left to right is Lydia Beachum and Judie Beachum, posing with blacktip sharks they caught about 7 miles offshore of Anna Maria Island, using on pinfish. Lydia shows us that it doesnt matter how big or small you are, you can still catch a massive beast of a fish... or two!
Further proving that size doesn't matter, the kingfish below is proudly being held by 11 yr old Harry Duxbury, visiting all the way from England! It was Harry's first kingfish, and was caught with a sardine in about 40 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. Certainly much different waters than what he is accustomed to; Capt. Larry was pleased he could help make a lasting impression of what fishing in America is REALLY like!

The action heats up quickly, starting at 40ft to 70 ft for the kings. Capt. Larry's summer plan of action is anchoring up on a honey hole he knows from past experience to be loaded with grouper and snapper, to catch the multitude of tasty bottom fish, and follow that up by deploying a chum block... from there, all Capt. Larry and his party's need to do is stand at the ready on the flat lines & wait for the king mack attack!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Someone asked Capt. Larry recently "How do you find as many kingfish on a regular basis?" He jokes that they don't look for smoker kings, THEY LOOK FOR US! But in all seriousness., with a good chum slick on the waters, the kingfish really do come looking for you. Once the kings are around the boat, Capt. Larry's parties catch them on spoons, gotcha lures and variety of live bait- i.e. blue runners & cigar minnows as dessert to keep the kingfish around for the whole meal, and to keep them jumping in the boat! On a recent trip, a huge kingfish was hiding under the boat trying to eat our Spanish mackerel while it was being reeled in. Capt. Larry truly made lemonade out of lemons by sending the mackerel back out on a stinger rig with larger hooks.... and THEN it was on! End result: a 35 lb smoker screaming the reel, and later in the boat. In Capt. Larry's own words: "That's what I am talking about!"

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Capt. Larry McGuire
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