Thursday, July 15, 2010

Capt. Larry DOESN'T go to Scotland!

Many of you might have received an email yesterday morning saying Capt. Larry was in Scotland, in trouble, & needed money. Now, we hope that most everyone has enough sense to realize this is a scam, because frankly, Scotland doesn't hold much interest for Capt. Larry; unless maybe he was there to fish for the Loch Ness Monster... and if he tried, be rest assured he would catch that beast!

What Capt. Larry and his fishing parties HAVE been catching some awesome groupers- blacks, gags, & reds. Along with those tasty treats of fish, his trips have been bringing home a plethora of cobias, kingfish, porgies, amberjacks, barracudas, Mahi-Mahi [dolphin type fish, but NOT flipper], and a variety of large sharks! Red snapper may be going out of season July 23rd, but we've been catching a heck of a lot of them, and good news is that the mangrove snappers that cant help themselves from biting ARE in season all summer long!

The best action starts at about 125 ft out, using live baits- pinfish especially. The larger red grouper are moving in to this depth, and should continually improve their feasting on our hooks as the summer progresses. On my half day trips, they usually run closer in (around 50 ft), we are catching smoker kingfish,gag grouper of keep-able size, and sharks; seems no matter how far out we are, we still get a sizable amount of different kinds of sharks. Nearer to shore, tarpon are thick around all the passes, like Egmont key and the Skyway bridge. While on the outgoing tide in the inter coastal waterway (and the passes), try to scoop up as many pass crabs for bait as you can, because they will be your little fishing buddies as they are fantastic for hooking a big tarpon.

Back to offshore, we had a trip recently where while catching humongous amberjacks on a large ledge, when suddenly about a 50 lb cobia swam up to the boat! The first mate was quick on the draw and put a live grunt by one of the cobia, he immediately grabbed it, spit it out and circled around, still deciding what to do. He couldn't resist the grunt very long, and one bite became two, and the cobia didn't realize he was hooked until it was too late! He didn't give much of a fight until the gaff hit him. Capt. Larry had already briefed everyone to stand clear when a green cobia comes aboard. That unexpected passenger caused everyone to scramble as this wild & crazy fish hit the deck, thrashing violently. We all scrammbled when this wild and crazy fish hit the deck thrashing violently. The party said they knew it was a serious situation when the captain and first mate start running for cover! That was almost as much fun as wrestling large sharks for a photo before their release, and certainly gets the blood pumping!

Like I often say, now is the time to come out and get ya' some of this hot action, as that could've been you with the epic cobia wrestling story of a lifetime!

Capt Larry McGuire
Cell 941-720-6475
Operating out of the Cortez Fishing Center Bradenton, FL.

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