Friday, July 30, 2010

Who Want's to Be A Fishing Rockstar?

Part of the draw to fish as a sport or hobby is not just the heart-pounding fight of the fish, or the sense of accomplishment when one reels an impressive big one, but the bragging rights & picture taken to show ones' friends of that glorious moment in time. We've all heard grand fish stories, with the obligatory follow up of: "pics or it didn't happen!" Capt. Larry goes one step further and not only takes pictures of the fishers on his boat, he submits them to local & fishing publications like The Coastal Angler, Anna Maria Islander, Manatee River News, Florida Marine Times, Long Boat Key News, Florida Mariner and many more. Not to mention some recaps of fishing good times end up right here, on the Show Me The Fish Blog! Sending your friends a link of your fishing story, complete with fishing picture insde inside trumps a mere picture... Here are some of the latest rockstars that fished with Capt. Larry. Above is Jessica Kreke from Cincinnati, Ohio looking cool in rockstar sunglasses, holding a tremendous smoker Kingfish caught with a sardine, about 45 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.

Next, is Trey Walding,from Lakeland, with rocking out a substantially large firetruck red grouper he caught during a spirited fight, also offshore of Anna Maria Island, but he was a bit farther out at 140ft & was using live pinfish instead.The last fishing rockstars we have are a father and daughter team! Fifteen year old Madison Banks, and her dad Jerry Banks, caught some burly gag groupers while fishing with pinfish, about 60 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.

Do YOU want to be the next fishing rockstar? Contact Capt. Larry & he'll get you to where the action is. Lately, he's been catching enormous amounts of fish whether he's farther out at 130 ft offshore- where he's noticed live pinfish & grunts work best, but he's also been getting considerably large catches closer in around 50 ft. There, it seems is an extensive variety of fish: kingfish, sharks, snapper, and even some considerable sized gag grouper. In the passes, along the beach and Skyway bridge tarpon are plentiful. Now is the time to come out, get in on the action, and be a fishing rockstar!

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