Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best Bachelor Party Ever!

Even when we aren't on a bachelor party, it gets absolutely wild and crazy with some parties, with the result being the trip of a lifetime! Going deep will net you monster grouper, so take the extra time, spend the extra gas because June is the month for the true black grouper, also called June fish. It does seem the best month to catch one of those bad boys.

Speaking of parties, May 20th, we went out for assistant fire Chief Ezell, of the Bradenton Fire Dept's, belated bachelor party. Below is a picture of him on the right, holding a monster true black grouper, that Bobby Dodge on the left caught. That same trip we also caught 6 huge gag grouper, 7 big bright red grouper, as well as catch and release red snapper, porgies and lots of sharks. The group was using live pinfish, in about 200 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. The other picture below is of Bobby Dodge, Keith Roderick, Anthony Leverett, Ron Kinlaw and Randy McCaskill all of whom are from Bradenton.

Some recent closer inshore fishing accomplishments have been around 50 ft. There, the kingfish are in schools, guaranteed to keep your rods screaming! I always like to keep a flat line out and a chum bag over the side; that ensures that the fish come to me. That way I cover the entire water column and catch everything that swims. Remember to keep and eye peeled for cobia or a school of mahi-mahi, because they could swim right up to the boat this summer.

Tarpon are very thick during the summer around the Skyway bridge, and a lot of boats have been hooking up with them. It's a secret, so don't tell anyone how many gag grouper, Spanish mackerel, mangrove snapper and sharks inside the Tampa bay shipping channel.

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