Sunday, June 6, 2010


On our trips offshore of Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key have been quite fruitful lately! Between catching bountiful black grouper [carborita], gag and red grouper, as well as our catch and release red snapper, we have our hands full! But that's a good thing, when you're catching beasts of fish without even trying to get them; there seems to be no shortage of these tasty treats! We couldn't wait for June 1st to get here & the red snapper season to open.

In the meantime, we had been catching awesome amberjacks, meaty mangrove and yellowtail snappers, large porgies, killer kingfish, monster barracuda and a variety of other sharks. On some spots, after we're catching a serious bunch of fish for awhile, the sharks smell blood, get riled up & join in the action. That's what I call a sharkfest! Kids definitely get excited when catching sharks.

The pictures below are of Capt. Larry with a massive red grouper, following with a firetruck red groupers caught on May 21st by Jack O'Hara and Luis Newcomer, both of Bradenton. That's only part of their catch that included (but wasn't limited to) grouper, miscellaneous snapper, porgies and different kinds of sharks. The last picture is of Jack O'Hara again and Anthony Leverett, both with with red grouper. Notice how the grouper on the left has a bite mark... That shows the sharks were interested in what we were doing, and took a piece out on the grouper's trip back p to the boat! We were offshore of Anna Maria Island in about 125 ft using live pinfish on this charter.

On another note I haven't seen any signs of tar balls or anything else that comes with oil spills off of our coast or beaches. We need to keep praying it does not reach our coast and hope this is cleaned up as soon as possible!

Life is good the weather is perfect and the fishing is great.Now is the time to come out and getcha' some.

Capt. Larry McGuire
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