Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gag Grouper & Kingfish Are Here!

Though you may only have one or two nice fishing days in between the cold fronts, this is one of Capt. Larry's favorite times of year, as the action is growing increasingly intense! On Show Me The Fish Charters they've been catching limits of gag grouper- plus snapper, kingfish, and Spanish mackerel, while using live and dead baits inside of 60 ft waters. On some days that's as far normal folks want to travel. On the days that we have a real strong east wind I recommend fishing along the beaches for the kingfish; you'll also find a plethora of large Spanish mackerel.Don't be surprised to encounter some decent sized sharks there feeding on the mackerels, even some big bull sharks.
Check out the kickin' kingfish caught by 9 yr old Charlie Bradbury, above. He was using a sardine on a flatline, and on that trip, the family also caught a heavy amount of grouper and a variety of snappers, while fishing in about 50 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island on a 4 hr trip with Capt Larry.
Another good back up plan for weather that doesn't allow one to go far out, is to fish the Tampa Bay shipping channel for gag grouper with fall about the best time to fish it. When there's finally a calm day, Capt. Larry still recommends going out
deeper- past 120 ft for the monster fish. There are some might fish out there, 20 lb plus red grouper, larger gags, monster mangrove snappers, cobia and amberjacks in those depths. During these fronts the strong wind and seas always pushes new fish into our areas ledges,rock piles and reefs.Even if an area may have been fished out before,the spot could be loaded up and the first boat that hits it gets the pot of gold. Larry Bethke is pictured to the left with his limit of gag grouper, caught with live pinfish in about 50 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.

As of writing this report, the wind is blowing keeping us in port but it looks like the weekend should be a pretty sweet time to get out there. It all depends on the sea conditions as to how far Capt. Larry will travel... fortunately, this time of year the fish are everywhere. Capt. Larry knows they are out there for him, and he will be there for them once the weather clears. Don't miss the chance to tap into some of this action for yourself!

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475

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