Sunday, July 31, 2011

Who needs Cheeseburgers When You Can Have Wahoo In Paradise?

Wahoo! It's been a great time out there fishing in paradise! Capt. Larry loves to support law enforcement, and had the opprotunity to recently by showing them a great time fishing. The Catch of the Week goes to Josh Phillips, from Lakeland. He's pictured below, next to first mate Anthony, with a great wahoo he caught using a sardine, in about 125 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.In the group shot below, from left to right is Brian Phillips, Josh Phillips, and John Phillips from Lakeland, with very nice red grouper, red snapper and wahoo. These were caught fishing with sardines in 125 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island with Capt Larry

The day started out heading far offshore, closing in on one specific area Capt. Larry knows to have prodigious amount of fish. Almost immediately they saw a school of Mahi-Mahi & on the bottom, they found a sizable area of large red snappers and huge red grouper. The party was in the midst of catching many of them when the wahoo came to the back of the boat. First mate Anthony kept him happy by feeding him bits of bait until Capt. Larry got a flat line ready and all the grouper rods out of the way. A sardine was thrown the wahoo's way, Josh jumped on it... and the fight was on. An hour later, there a wahoo in the boat! Josh is a deputy with the Osceola Sheriffs office and was on a special trip with his dad and three brothers.

Also while on a family trip, Colin Grooms of Bradenton, pictured above with his first red snapper that he caught using a sardine in about 150 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. Colin also caught his first Mahi Mahi that same day, as well as red grouper, monster mangrove snapper, and sharks with his dad, Barry Grooms, and Capt Larry.

Life is good when you're fishing in a good spot... come on out and see for yourself how fantastic the fishing is. Don't worry, be happy!

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475

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