Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kingfish & Cobia Cometh Again!

On Show Me The Fish Charters, Capt. Larry & company have caught their first cobia of the year! This momentous event happened on 3-24-11, in about 125 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. While the party was catching snapper and amberjacks, a huge school of cobia came near the boat, and Capt. Larry cast a Zara Spook magnum surface lure to cobias... almost immediately the largest one grabbed the lure! The captain then handed off the pole to Bud Northway, from Clarence New Hampshire, for a serious fight AND what became the catch of a lifetime, all while using 25 lb monofilment line during a 45 minute battle royale. Below are the proud anglers, taking all three of the men to hold up this monster cobia caught by Bud Northway; he's on the left, with Stu Ambrose in the middle, assisting with the brute, and John Northway on the right. On that same trip we hooked up a 8 ft lemon shark, after an hour long battle with almost everyone taking turns on the beast of burden. Once one angler got tired, the rod would be passed to a buddy & they would take over for a while; now that's real extreme sports entertainment! Below is an approximately 75 lb amberjack that Chris Braun (left) caught, with an assist by Eric Smithman & Alex Braun (left to right), all from Bradenton, FL. These hard core anglers asked for big fish for their first offshore trip and their wish was more than granted! During that trip, the satisfied fishers were dropping line in about 200 ft using pinfish and also caught a plethora of snapper and large sharks.
Just a few days ago we encountered our first king Mack Attack(TM), with a school of kingfish swimming around the boat. Capt. Larry's party caught 8 kingfish, while fighting many more that got away to be caught another day. Some of our other special species caught on recent trips: Spanish mackerel, snappers and catch-and-release gag and red groupers. The kings are hitting around 50 to 60 ft and we are still fighting big amberjack, and a wide variety of sharks- blacktip, bull and lemon sharks up to 8 ft out past 100 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key... Needless to say, this is a beautiful thing & exactly what we're looking for! Now is the time to come on out and enjoy paradise.

Capt. Larry McGuire
operating out of the Bradenton Beach Marina
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475

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