Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crab Crackin' To Help The Mackeral Attackin'

BIG NEWS for Show Me The Fish Charters: Capt. Larry is now operating out of a new location, the Bradenton Beach Marina; click the link to check out the new digs, or stop by if you're in the area. One thing that hasn't changed about Capt. Larry's charters is that the anglers are suffering sore muscles from big mack attacks! From young & new fishers, to experienced seasoned anglers, the invasion of king mackerel is serious business & requires more than a little effort! While fishing in about 40 ft to 70 ft waters, the parties have been catching this immense amount of king mackerel on a variety of live baits, as well as artificials... The schools- running about an average of 35 lbs, can't seem to satisfy their appetites! Each trip we seem to always hook into a few real smokers; it's not always an easy task when they are cutting through steel leaders, straightening hooks, busting up tackle... like rowdy teenagers, they're hungry & causing real chaos! Below is Stephenie Franco from Westfield, Indiana, with one of our first kingfish of the season, so congratulations are in order! This proud angler-ess caught her kingfish using a sardine, in about 50 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.
We usually start out catching grouper and snapper as we are bottom fishing on a hotspot & deploy a chum bag (Capt. Larry's Tip: Anytime you get to crackin' open crabs or shrimp, save the shells and add to your chum.... the fish LOVE it like a special treat!), which always seems to draw the kings to the boat. Tip #2: always have a couple of flat lines with select live baits behind the boat to entice & hook the pelagics, make them come to you! When the flat lines go off- you'll know, as your reel drags will be screaming. On Show Me The Fish trips, it signals the start of a Chinese fire drill of sorts; pulling in all the other lines that were bottom fishing (usually several folks fighting grouper), so the angler on the kingfish [the running game] are able to fight it unobstructed, ensuring that the serious game fish is successfully caught! If someone tangles the angler up while (s)he is fighting a smoker, Capt. Larry throws down the flag on an interference call to protect the #winning. Below is Mary Johnson of Bradenton holding the mighty game fish. She caught this kingfish using a sardine about 40 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. Mary and that party also caught more kings, large gag grouper up to 25 lbs, red grouper and some tasty snapper.

Regularly Capt. Larry's also catching girnormous firetruck red grouper, as well huge gag (all while still staying inside 9 miles), cobias, amberjacks, & a variety of large sharks usually out past 100 ft along with tasty snappers, porgies, triggerfish and sea bass. The weather is sunny & perfect, the fishing is more than great which = "life is good!" Now is the time to come on out and get ya some of this wild and crazy action!

Capt. Larry McGuire
Cell: (941) 720 - 6475


  1. That is a pretty fish and what an awesome smile, that must have been so fun to bring in!

  2. That is a pretty fish and what an awesome smile, that must have been so fun to bring in!