Friday, February 11, 2011

All-Consuming Amberjack Awersomeness

Don't be fooled by the cool weather the offshore catches, especially amberjacks, are heating up. Just be prepared to fish in between the cold fronts and you will be rewarded with a legitimately wild and crazy time, only unlike in Vegas, it's something you can be proud of, gloat about, thus what happens on Capt Larry's boat is awesome enough to be shared with the masses. Case in point is of Dick Lind from Hibbing, MN, pictured below. If anyone knows cold, it's Minnesota folks! Dick is pictured with the largest amberjack of the trip he was on. He was using a live pinfish, in about 120 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island.
To the right is Jay Herbert, pcitured with a huge amberjack he caught using a live grunt in about 120 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island. This was Jay's largest catch ever and his party also caught more amberjacks, lots of snapper,red grouper and catch and release gag grouper.

Recently Rob Lipsett chartered a boat by himself and caught AJ's all day long along with some snappers. That's an incredible workout for anyone, especially someone that is 66 years old! A lot of our younger guys on trips cant handle a fight like that.

Look for the snappers and AJ's starting out at 100 ft... for the biggest and the baddest amberjacks, go out to the springs and wrecks out 155 ft plus. Large live baits are working best, along with butterfly jigs, to mix it up a bit. Sardines are working great for the snapper and reef fish. Despite the cold, fishing's great and life is good. If you aren't feeling the same "life is good" sentiment, come fish & party with Capt. Larry, he'll meet your fishin' needs & exceed your expectations!

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