Friday, February 26, 2010

Amberjack Attack!

It's definitely a positive thing when amberjack is not something you lack! Lately, that has certainly been where the greatest action has been- amberjacks and snappers. When we go offshore, not only are we getting a plethora of amberjacks, but also all the banded rudderfish we can handle, with some mangrove snapper, porgies, triggerfish, and various kinds of sharks mixed in. Usually, we are out about 100 ft offshore, using live baits, when we are getting these scaly beasts.

The picture to the right, is of Phyllis Tinstra, holding the biggest amberjack that was caught that day; lately it's the ladies that catch the biggest fish on my trips! Below (from left to right) is Richard Dykhoffe, Larry Tinstra, Phyllis Tinstra, and Jim Meiger, with a whole slew of good sized amberjacks. They were caught about 120 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island, using live pinfish.

Capt Larry McGuire
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Operating out of the Cortez Fshing Center bradenton Fl.

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