Friday, November 6, 2009

The Grouper are Moving In!

The offshore biting is going strong with many different species available for the catching! My personal favorite fish, the big bad black grouper, are moving closer to the shore and bunching up, which makes them easier to snag. Our parties have been catching them, along with red grouper, a few scamp, awesome amberjacks, smoker kingfish, cobia, sharks, barracudas, as well as mangrove and yellowtail snapper.

We had more than a few fantastic catches from 40 to 125ft, using live bait, as it seems to be working the best. Even as I'm writing this report, the wind has picked up from 20 kts and 4 to 6 foot sees (or more), and will keep us offshore anglers in port. Once the weather calms down, the fish will be feeding ferociously, with a myriad of new fish. With this tropical depression, it will be the grouper and snapper especially that are pushed into our areas in the ledges, reefs, and rock piles. My plan is to head offshore as soon as the gulf clears up, and it should be wild and crazy times, with non-stop action! Now that's what I'm talking about! It's definitely the time to come and get ya' some!

Pictures: the picture to the right is Cory Patterson with two large gag grouper and the picture below is Shawn Green of Palmetto with the largest gag grouper he's ever caught! Both were caught 125 ft offshore of Anna Maria Island, on our special Halloween trip. Just goes to show you that fishing is a great way to celebrate any holiday!


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